High School Presentations on College Success Strategies

Today's high school students tend to be overwhelmed by their college experience. In the State University of New York, ONLY 19% of high school freshmen earn a college degree!  Those that do graduate usually take 6 years.  Those 2 extra years cost students approximately $100,000 in real and opportunity costs. This absolutely does not need to be the case. 

Dr. Steven Harvey combines his award winning college teaching, research, career counseling, and management experience to present a dynamic and powerful high school program that educates parents, students, teachers, and school staff on how to prepare for and succeed in college.  Dr. Harvey has presented to audiences across the world, authored the book "Untapped Capacity: How Every Student Can Achieve Extraordinary Things!", and taught at the collegiate level for over 19 years.  He is currently the Executive Director of the WNY College Connection, a collaborative initiative of the 21 colleges and universities in Western New York and enjoys teaching future teachers in Buffalo State College's School of Education.   

Dr. Harvey's goal is to highlight proven strategies in a single presentation that will greatly increase a future college student's odds of success in college and career!

The following articles highlight the need expressed by national experts on why students need to hear Dr. Harvey's message:

The following links explain the need for this presentation further:

The 45 minute presentation is followed by a 15 minute question and answer period and a reception where parents, students, and school personnel can interact personally with Dr. Harvey.  Schools can also purchase copies of "College to Career" at bulk rates or the books can be made available for individual purchase at discounted rates after the presentation.  Dr. Harvey has a reputation as a dynamic speaker who uses humor and stories to engage the audience in a meaningful way.  Some notable speaking accomplishments:

  • Keynote Speaker, Hilbert College Faculty Development Conference
  • International Presenter, Riding the Wave of Professionalism in Early Childhood Education Conference, Singapore
  • Keynote Speaker, Walking in the Footsteps of Giants Speaker Series, University at Buffalo 
  • Faculty Appreciation Award for Outstanding Teaching, Buffalo State College
  • Rated 4.9 out of a 5.0 by 100 Students, Student Evaluations, School and Society, Buffalo State College
  • Over 19 years college level teaching for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level students

Rates for speaking engagements are $1,500 (additional travel expenses may be applied). Plus, there are one-time bulk discounts available on College to Career books!  Also, ALL students attending the presentation will receive a 20% discount on any future CECA services!  This could save your district's families $1000s of dollars!  Small venue speaking engagements are priced based on each client's individual needs.


For more information on speaking engagements, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Harvey to schedule a phone appointment (Click Resume for Dr. Harvey's credentials).