Paying It Forward

Over the years I have been blessed with a wonderful family, a successful career, and an incredible circle of friends.  The concept of Paying It Forward is something I find an important part of my life.  I have been involved with a number of outstanding not-for-profit agencies who I believe provide essential services to our community and most often, to our children.  The following list includes a number of agencies who I have volunteered for or donated to, in an effort to Pay It Forward!  Take a look and I'm sure you'll find a great deal of inspiration!

Cradle Beach

Cradle Beach is a year-long program that maximizes youth development through experiential learning.  The summer camp hosts children with disabilities as well as children who come from the City of Buffalo and who are facing economic and educational challenges.  In addition, Cradle Beach has a highly impactful program call Project SOAR, where they provide academic supports, mentoring, and experiential learning opportunities in schools and at their camp in Angola, New York.  This agency is AMAZING!!!!!

Computers for Children

Computers for Children is an agency that provides computer technology to schools by training students to refurbish the computers that they then donate.  In addition, the agency is moving toward a greater impact on developing the skills in students necessary for college success by engaging students in experiences around technology and robotics!

Parent Network of WNY

Parent Network of WNY is a community resource for families of individuals with special needs and for professionals who work with these families. Parent Network's goal is to empower families to successfully advocate for their children with special needs and to see that they receive proper care and education by offering seminars, workshops, conferences, information and referral services and resources.